The Lion (Panthera leo), is a species of Panthera that lives in Africa.

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Tawny to sandy brown in colour, is the largest of the African and North American carnivores. Cubs are faintly spotted on the lower parts; some adults retain traces of the spots. Adult males have manes that vary in colour from tawny to black. This, together with their larger size, distinguishes them from females.

Behavior Edit

Lions live a lazy lifestyle, typically active for only two to four hours in every 24. They are most active at night and rest during the day. A lion pride consists of a group of two to 12 closely related adult females with their young, attended by one to six adult males. If there is more than one male they are often, but not always, close relatives, often brothers. Only pride males have access to the pride females. Males take over prides by driving out the current males in savage and sometimes fatal fights, and are in turn displaced by new challengers after one to 10 years. The new males expel any young males from the pride and try to kill all the cubs to bring the females quickly back into breeding condition and so ensure offspring will have their genes. After a take-over females come into heat and mate but, amazingly, do not bear cubs until the new males have established their status against possible challenger.

Diet Edit

Lions differ from other cats by regularly hunting in groups. When hunting small prey, each lion pursues its own animal; with larger and more dangerous prey co-operation is needed to split a herd or pull down and kill one animal.Most of the hunting is done by the females. When in a pride, the males take what food they want from the females. Cubs get what the adults leave, and in times of food shortage, starvation is their major cause of death. Medium prey includes wildebeests,antelope.

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Needs Information.

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Panthera Edit

  • †American Lion

Panthera Leo Edit

  • †Eurasian Cave Lion
  • North East Congo Lion
  • Southwest African Lion
  • †Early Middle Pleistocene European Cave Lion
  • Transvaal Lion
  • Barbary Lion
  • Cape Lion
  • Masai Lion
  • East African Lion
  • Asiatic Lion
  • Abyssinian Lion
  • †Sri Lanka Lion
  • Somali Lion
  • West African Lion
  • Kalahari Lion

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Male Lion

An African Lion resting.

Lion Cub

A Lion Cub.

Lion Female

A Female Lion.

Videos Edit

King lion under attack - BBC wildlife

King lion under attack - BBC wildlife

Cheetah vs lion - Big Cat Diary - BBC

Cheetah vs lion - Big Cat Diary - BBC

A lion pride - introducing daddy to the cubs - BBC wildlife

A lion pride - introducing daddy to the cubs - BBC wildlife

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Breeds Edit

  1. Clitchkock
  2. Popchock
  3. Romfos
  4. Nero
  5. Aldos
  6. Gero
  7. Marlocos
  8. Puenos
  9. Knuckas
  10. Felidus
  11. Meatagua
  12. Garying
  13. Ookolomas
  14. Bweno
  15. Denos
  16. Grabos
  17. Clenos
  18.  ? Breed (tail electric guitar)
  19. Garkinos
  20. Grakas
  21. Jelly
  22. Longkina
  23. Boitangas
  24. Garying (tiger)
  25. Drunkens
  26. Tiger
  27. Prenos
  28. Spongeabobs
  29. Gonstruck
  30. Tv
  31. Legos
  32. Morrisa
  33. Gord
  34. Chear
  35. Café
  36. Gellos
  37. Recas
  38. Slowpoke (as a lion)
  39. Genosa
  40. Grn
  41. Tigggas
  42. Jellmokastanxian
  43. Quanos
  44. Bellina
  45. More Loco
  46. Can R´eg
  47. El Randy
  48. Goinias
  49. Strangas
  50. Ereras
  51. Jeans
  52. Mosses
  53. Avy
  54. Ogre Tiger
  55. Robota
  56. Toi
  57. Progan